OUR MISSION STATEMENT – “To provide a voice to promote a better quality of life for those living with acquired brain injury through education, information, prevention and systemic advocacy.”


The British Columbia Brain Injury Association (BCBIA) is the Provincial organization serving the interests of all affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in BC.

BCBIA has taken many positive steps forward during the past several years, building on a well-established foundation.

We have continued our efforts in having our voice heard at the Ministry level. We have strong allies at the Ministry expressing their enthusiasm and support for our on-going endeavors in BC. We are aware of the importance of serving as the voice of those who have sustained a brain injury (BI), and we continue to strike new initiatives on their behalf.

A Medical Advisory Board has been established to assist in responding to the multitude of requests we receive monthly regarding individual needs. We are continuing to seek out new Board members to ensure broad representation.

In concert with the BC Coalition for People with Disabilities and a host of other contributors, a document recommending changes to the Part 7 agreement was presented to ICBC. A working committee now works hard this area.

The BCBIA website is ever evolving, with the most recent attention being paid to The “Kids Korner” thanks to a generous grant from the Ministry of Children & Families, The Rick Hansen Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and others. Spring 2013 will see the launching of Phase Three of The Kids Korner, which will be directed towards youth and teens.

Funding remains a concern and is vital to operate BI community initiatives and BCBIA is pleased to note that provincial senate committee on finance recommended that we be provided core funding towards support of our “Resource Directory Request Line: A Referral Service. This is vital service assists not only survivors and caregivers, but also community based brain injury service providers, and professionals, providing everyone with faster access to BC-wide community resources.

The BC Brain Injury Association Board of Directors (coming soon)

The BC Brain Injury Association Advisory Committee  (coming soon)